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FIT Riverboat Cruise - Rhine Adventure

FIT Tours has teamed up with the Amadeus fleet to bring you a-once-in-a-lifetime travel experience as we sail the mighty Rhine.  Here, experience the outstanding comfort and quality accompanied by perfected service in an atmosphere of classic grace. Discover an unforgettable river cruise on the most beautiful European waterways—with all the comforts of a floating hotel.  Now combine this with our signature on-board fitness program, daily guided walking tours, massage, heart healthy cuisine and our pre-and-post-tour training program for a life changing cruise vacation!


A voyage up "Old Father Rhine", probably Europe's most important waterway, from Basel, the gateway to the Swiss Alps, to Amsterdam on the North Sea. We travel through four of Europe's most important countries (Holland, Germany, France and Switzerland), see incomparable cities (Amsterdam, Cologne, Strasbourg, and Basel), and enjoy diverse landscapes such as the cruise across Holland's Ijsselmeer and along the Lorelei stretch of the Rhine with its wealth of mythological associations. The cruise on the Moselle seeing the steep vineyards on either side of it as far as Cochem is a special highlight of this voyage.


Once the vessel docks, you will disembark and see Europe at its most beautiful–gliding through memorable riverside scenery and passing many different sights, small towns, and bustling big cities. A FIT river cruise has its own special way of showing you the most diverse sights of Europe and continues to surprise you—whether on board or ashore—as you learn new aspects of Europe's complex history. The impressions you gain along the banks of the rivers seem to be almost infinite--however well you may know a stretch of country, you find yourself discovering it all over again.

FIT cruise experiences allow you the opportunity to travel, get fit, explore and tour!  No more sitting at a spa hotel for days on end or getting on and off a bus.  Imagine waking each morning feeling stronger, more energetic, your mind a little clearer and eager to explore a new European city or town filled with ancient history—all brought to life by our very own dynamic educators, historians and FIT Health coaches!



Imagine yourself watching the river from your window, taking you to new places, revealing charming landscapes and unfolding more and more unforgettable places. Meanwhile, you sit back in total relaxation.  The elegant comforts and personal service aboard your FIT ship create an oasis of inspiration and calm. All of the bright, airy cabins have unrestricted views of the scenery through wide, glass panoramas. Many cabins feature a French balcony (sliding glass windows) that spans the width of the cabin.  Experience wonderful, relaxing European travel with the sheer ease of river transport!


Exercise, relaxation, variety and calm. This characterizes each day you spend on a FIT Cruise. Start the morning with Yoga on the sun deck. Then after a healthy breakfast disembark for a 5 hour guided walking or biking tour of that day’s city or region.  After lunch, relax in the lounge or on the sun deck with a good book, appreciating the scenery floating slowly by, or it might be time for your scheduled massage.   Late afternoon get ready for our signature strength and core training classes followed by dinner and preparing for the next day of touring by listening to lecture series from our on-board historians, or chat with your new friends over a cup of herbal tea and healthy snacks. Whatever you decide to do, FIT Cruises offers a perfect mixture of health & fitness programming, inspiring entertainment and beneficial relaxation.


Travel brings people together.  On a FIT Cruise you will enjoy traveling over land and water with like-minded people. You will chat, introduce yourselves, exchange pleasantries and - just minutes later - find yourself as part of a shared motivational group of individuals looking to begin or continue living that healthy lifestyle.  Exercise, explore, learn, play and relax together; these shared pleasures when traveling simply doubles the joie de vivre!  When all is said and done, getting to know other interesting people is one of the very special sources of pleasure that spring up for river cruise passengers who choose FIT Cruises.


Step aboard a FIT Cruise vessel and taste everything that the landscapes, regions, and our adventurous head chefs can offer you in the way of carefully composed healthy menus and local specialties. Our kitchen team combines its love of cooking with its goal to present you with modern healthy haute cuisine, tempered with a classical approach to food.


Amadeus has set new standards in river cruising. The cabins on each Amadeus vessel are on the outside of the ship and are stylish and comfortable. The tastefully furnished 161 sq. ft. cabins offer guests the feeling of being in a modern hotel room with TV, adjustable air-conditioning, telephone, and bath with shower/WC. Many of the cabins have large panoramic windows with French balconies, affording incomparable views of the charming landscapes along the riverbanks. The same applies to the Amadeus suites, whose occupants enjoy a superb 323 sq. ft. of space.  (See rates section for additional cabin information).

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Day 1: May 26 (Mo) Basel (Switzerland): Group will have a 2 hour pre-boarding guided walking tour of Basel upon arrival at the ship, check-in, orientation dinner, early evening stretching session, evening ship-board walk.

Day 2: May 27 (Tu) Strasbourg (France): Morning yoga, breakfast, Strasbourg / Alsace guided walking tour,  lunch, free time, afternoon fitness programs, dinner, evening walk, evening program.

Day 3:  May 28 (We) Speyer & Mannheim (Germany): Morning yoga, breakfast, Speyer guided walking tour, lunch, Mannheim guided walk tour, afternoon training, dinner, evening walk, scheduled massage.

Day 4:  May 29 (Th) Ruedesheim & Koblenz (Germany):  Morning yoga, breakfast, Ruedesheim guided walking tour, lunch, Koblenz guided walk tour, afternoon training, dinner, evening walk.

Day 5:  May 30 (Fr) Cochem (Germany): Morning yoga, breakfast, Cochem guided walking tour, lunch, free time, afternoon training session, dinner, evening walk, evening program.

Day 6:  May 31 (Sa) Cologne (Germany): Morning yoga, breakfast, Cologne guided walking tour, lunch, free time / scheduled massage, afternoon fitness programs, dinner, evening walk, evening free.

Day 7:  June 1 (Su) Utrecht & Amsterdam (Netherlands):  Morning yoga, breakfast, Amsterdam guided biking tour, lunch, afternoon fitness programs, dinner, evening walk, farewell program.

Day 8: June 2 (Mo) Amsterdam: Morning yoga, breakfast, walk, departure. 

*Please note schedule is subject to change

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