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FIT at Sea - Alaska

Travel with FIT at Sea through Alaska’s sublime beauty to popular ports of call in unsurpassed luxury and comfort. Stand on your private verandah and watch as whales breach and massive glaciers come into view. Participate in FIT’s unique health and fitness program both on and off ship while also experiencing onboard activities and shore excursions that match your passions and interests. This is all possible with FIT Tours on Celebrity’s spectacular 7-day Alaskan cruise vacation.

Our Alaska cruise program and itineraries artfully blend stunning natural wonders with diverse ports of call like Ketchikan, Skagway, Juneau, and Victoria. Our cruise offers incredible glacier viewing experiences, and all include extra-long days in port as we explore the wonders of Alaska’s pristine wilderness by foot and kayak for our fitness touring portion of the program exploring nearby glaciers, ancient forests, misty fjords and rugged beaches all teaming with stunning wildlife.  

Join FIT Cruise for a unique and luxurious, health and fitness cruise vacation as we explore the wonders of Alaska.

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Featured Ports & Excursions

Seattle, Washington, US: Our tour begins witha walking tourof Seattle, one of America’s most interesting and unique cities including Pike Place Market with more than 400 shops and stalls, the oldest continuously operating public market in the country is also a crucial hub for most of the city's restaurateurs and foodies. Tourists make a beeline for the sassy fish throwers and the original Starbucks, but the true draws are the flower stalls in the main arcade, as well as the booths occupied by serious growers and food merchants hawking fresh herbs, pots of artisanal honey and whole fish and crabs on heaps of ice.

Juneau, Alaska, US: Located at the foot of grand mountain peaks on the Gastineau Channel, the town of Juneau has the massive Mendenhall Glacier and the immense Juneau Icefields at its back door. Juneau is the place to let your imagination run wild. Explore the lush Tongass National Forest and visit the rustic shops in town. With more miles of trails than roads, Juneau is the place for an adventurous day hike as we step into the Mendenhall Glacier's uniquely carved wilderness and be instantly surrounded by pristine forest and snowcapped peaks for an unforgettable day of hiking.

Skagway, Alaska, US: The gateway to the Klondike, this historical Gold Rush town is surrounded by spectacular wilderness.   Here a place exists in Alaska where the past lives on, where the cries of “gold in the Yukon” still echo from steep canyon walls, where the sounds of barroom pianos and boomtown crowds ring out in the night. A place where the romance and excitement of yesteryear linger around every street corner, every bend in the trail.  Here we will hike the spectacular Sawtooth Mountains.  Your access to the trailhead begins with a brief 6-mile train ride. Professional guides will lead you through the glacially carved valley tracing the East Fork of the Skagway River. Be alert for wildlife and keep your camera close, as the remote valley is home to bears and many other wildlife. Gaze at the craggy peaks of the Sawtooth Mountains that make this valley deeper than the Grand Canyon. Your narrated wilderness hike will introduce you to the flora, fauna & history that makes the region unique. Hiking through the pristine old growth forest will leave you awed by the 1000 year old trees, and photo stops by the river will be a highlight of this perfect mix of exercise and natural beauty.

Ketchikan, Alaska, US: Built out over the water and climbing weathered stairways, Ketchikan clings to the shores of the Tongass Narrows and drapes the mountains with a cheerful air. These deep water fjords left by retreating glaciers left granite cliffs towering thousands of feet above the sea and countless waterfalls cascading into placid waters.  Here we will hike the Tongass Rainforest as we travel through ancient forests of giant trees filled with wildlife.

Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska US: Book-ended by two of Alaska's most dramatic glaciers, the North and South Sawyer, and surrounded by granite walls that rise 3,000 feet from the emerald colored seas, this area has everything you've come to Alaska to experience.

Alaska Inside Passage, Alaska US: Shaped by the staggering force of massive glaciers millions of years ago, Alaska’s Inside Passage boasts wildlife-filled fjords and lush island scenery — habitat for bald eagles, sea lions, porpoises and whales. Its mountains are carpeted with majestic forests. Inside Passage Alaska is home to Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian Indians whose history is reflected in towering totem poles. Russian settlers left a legacy of onion-domed churches gleaming with icons.

Victoria, British Columbia, CA: A touch of England in Western North America awaits: afternoon tea, double-decker buses, the famed Butchart Gardens - a brilliant tapestry of color spread across 50 blooming acres. Get a taste of Victoria as we explore the wonders of this fascination city with a city walking tour & Seal Island Sea Kayaking.  Experience this guided sea kayaking tour as we pass by a colony’s of seals just outside the harbor. Explore the beaches and inlets of Juan de Fuca Strait and get a taste of West Coast kayaking. Paddle alongside blue herons hunting in the kelp beds. Glide along over moon jellies while viewing the playful antics of the oyster catchers. If we are lucky we might catch glimpses of Orca swimming playfully offshore.  Breathe in the fresh sea air and be in awe of the amazing views of the Olympic Mountains across the Strait. 







Day 1

Seattle, Washington



5:00 PM

Day 2

At Sea




Day 3

Ketchikan, Alaska


7:00 AM

4:00 PM

Day 4

Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska


6:00 AM

10:00 AM

Day 4

Juneau, Alaska


1:30 PM

10:00 PM

Day 5

Skagway, Alaska


7:00 AM

6:00 PM

Day 5

Alaska Inside Passage


6:30 PM

10:30 PM

Day 6

At Sea




Day 7

Victoria, British Columbia


6:00 PM

11:59 PM

Day 8

Seattle, Washington


7:00 AM


Sample Daily Itinerary

Day 1 Sa - Seattle: Group will have a 4 hour pre-boarding guided walking tour of Seattle upon arrival, board ship, orientation dinner, early evening 1 hr Yoga orientation session, dinner, evening ship-board walk.

Day 2 Su - Day at sea: Morning yoga, breakfast, 1 hr deck walk,  1 hr fitness program,  lunch, free time, mid-afternoon 1 hr fitness programs, 1 hr late afternoon deck walk, dinner, after dinner deck walk, evening program.

Day 3 Mo - Ketchikan: Early breakfast, 4 hr walking guided wilderness hike Ketchikan, return to ship for  lunch, free time, 1 hr afternoon training, dinner, evening walk, massage.

Day 4 Tu - Juneau:  Morning yoga,  breakfast, 20 minute deck walk, 1 hr fitness program, lunch,  4 hr walking guided wilderness hike Juneau, return to ship late afternoon, dinner, evening deck walk, evening program.

Day 5 We - Skagway: Morning yoga, breakfast, 4 hr walking guided wilderness hike Skagway, return to ship for lunch, free time, 1 hr late afternoon training session, dinner, evening deck walk, evening free.

Day 6 Th - Day at Sea: Morning yoga, breakfast, 1 hr deck walk,  1 hr fitness program,  lunch, free time, massage, mid-afternoon 1 hr fitness programs, 1 hr late afternoon deck walk, dinner, after dinner deck walk, evening program.

Day 7 Fr - Victoria:  Morning yoga,  breakfast, 20 minute deck walk,  1 hr training session, late morning free time,  lunch,  free time, afternoon program, early dinner, 4 hr guided walking city tour of Victoria and kayak adventure, return to ship evening, farewell program.

Day 8 Sa - Seattle: Morning deck walk, breakfast, 20 minute walk, depart

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