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Guest Reviews

“Travel, health & fitness combined into one vacation plus the motivation and tools to continue a healthy lifestyle, I love it!”

                   Andrew S – London, England


“Each day is a wonderful combination of touring, education and healthy living.  From morning till evening this is a completely structured program.”

                                           Susan W – New York City, NY


“This tour has everything, history, adventure, nature, not to mention the different kinds of fitness classes and of course the much welcomed massages.”

                                              Mark B – Atlanta, GA


“What I love about FIT is its emphasis on balance, especially in the tours food program.  It is a health program where you still get to experience delicious local cuisine with the emphasis on portion control and balanced diet.  What is learned on the tour is a great model for everyday life.”

                                               Lucie M - Denver, CO


“From the tour guides to the health coaches, all are wonderful professionals dedicated to educating and motivating, taking care of every detail so participants get the most out of the program and beyond.”

                                     Jacques V – Montreal, Canada


"So much more than just a week’s vacation!  Beginning a month before with a structured exercise program, is a really unique concept of getting participants ready, excited and motivated for the program’s physical challenges.  Participants begin the tour ready to go!”

                                                    Sheri G – Sydney, Australia


“You complete the tour feeling reenergized, stronger and motivated and, yes, a little lighter.  Life After Fit is such a great idea, that this feeling and the motivation to keep healthy and continue on this path does not have to end after the tour is over.  One can easily stay on track with the post month of nutritional analysis included in the tour package.”

                                        Carol M – Miami, FL