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“What I love about FIT is its emphasis on balance, especially in the tours food program.  It is a health program where you still get to experience delicious local cuisine with the emphasis on portion control and balanced diet.  What is learned on the tour is a great model for everyday life.”

                                               Lucie M - Denver, CO

Traveling to unique destinations and experiencing the local cuisine are part of the travel experience.  At FIT, we understand that the food experience is one of the most important components of any travel experience.  Food is also one of the most important components of healthy living.

At FIT, we try to teach participants that life is all about balance; one of the ways we teach this concept is through our food program. Our goal is to have you experience and enjoy as much of the local cuisine as possible while also eating balanced meals and exercising portion control.

Our menus have been developed by our staff of nutritionists, with the goal of helping you achieve the recommended daily intake of nutrition levels to keep you fueled for the program’s physical activities and to help you reach the goals of detoxification, toning and rejuvenation.