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Daily Scheadule

“Each day is a wonderful combination of touring, education and healthy living.  From morning till evening this is a completely structured program.”

                                           Susan W – New York City, NY

A FIT Tour or Cruise is a programmed week of structure and empowerment—from the moment you arrive until you depart.  Each activity and meal has been developed specifically to achieve results in just one week. 


Each day begins with an hour of yoga and stretching to wake and warm the body.  Here, we ready the body to optimize and begin its daily metabolic burn.

Next, we serve a hearty breakfast filled with delicious heart-healthy cuisine, which teaches us how to properly fuel our bodies and carry us through the day at its most optimal level.

Fully fueled, we embark on our walking touring. Whether exploring an exotic or historical destination at a port of call--or walking through the rainforests to the summit of a volcano--our 4-hour walk will be that day’s ultimate metabolic burn and take us to some of the world’s most spectacular travel sites. 

Some days, we may incorporate a local adventure, such as zip-lining, whitewater rafting, snorkeling, or beach adventures--all depending on your tour destination. 


We return to our resort or ship for a heart-healthy lunch, educating us on proper mid-day eating habits and fueling us until dinner. This helps to teach us how to avoid the common “post-lunch food coma."

We also enjoy a 20-minute walk as an important part of this process--and once again initiate the body for its optimal metabolic burn.

After several hours of free time to rest and rejuvenate, we embark on a 60 to 90-minute strength and core training workout.  Here, we educate and focus on the healthiest and most efficient ways to build body strength. We will introduce you to a number of different exercise modalities, which are very easy to learn. You will be able to take this valuable knowledge home with you to continue on your path to health and longevity.

Twice during your week-long program, we include a late afternoon full body massage to promote relaxation, relieve muscle tension and prepare you for the next day’s activities.


At our early dinners, we promote healthy and efficient end-of-the-day eating habits. This allows for the proper timing and intake to fuel the body and enable the metabolism to slow -- but still burn -- as we ready you for rest and rejuvenation.  Our 20-minute after dinner walk is an important part of this process.

On several of our program nights, the group will partake in a number of fun evening activities and exercises.  On other nights, participants will have the option to enjoy many of the ship's evening entertainment -- or just relax and soak in volcano hot springs under a sky of a million stars!