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The Goals & Benifits

The Goals & Benefits

  • Explore some of the world’s most popular & exotic travel destinations
  • Purify & tone your body
  • Rejuvenate & clear your mind
  • Increase your energy level
  • Become health educated
  • Begin & continue your journey on the path to good health & longevity
  • Lose unwanted pounds!

Structure: Every moment of your week will be a structured balance of exploration, education, motivation, healthy intake and toxic output.  

Accountability & Commitment: When you decide that you prefer the path to a healthier lifestyle we will provide a unique means in which to achieve this goal.  We’ll challenge you to achieve optimal physical performance, a healthy weight, stress reduction and a better way of life.

Group: You will be part of a motivated group of peers sharing a similar experience. Group sizes begin at 10 or more participants.

Pre-Program & Follow-up: The FIT Tour program is much more than one week at your destination. Our pre-and-post-programming, staff support and interactive website are extensive and designed to inspire, guide, motivate and support your choice for a healthier you.

Change Facilitation: Many who come on an FIT Tour live a healthy lifestyle or have made the change and see the benefits of living that life.  Others come who are in transition or looking for a catalyst to begin living a healthy lifestyle.

Making changes is anything but easy and it doesn’t happen right away. Typically, people experience resistance throughout the transition to becoming healthier and feel unwilling to give up old habits or try something new.

As you journey with us, you will see small signs of improvement and success. You will begin to feel and look slimmer and a little more toned. Your energy levels with increase, you will have a little more spring in your step, and you will begin to experience the power of healthy living.  Before you know it, you will have completed the tour and reached your goals of rejuvenation and healthy change.

The Benefits

Knowledge: Unlike an on-the-bus, off-the-bus tour, our intensive daily guided walking tours enable you to see and experience a detailed and in-depth exploration of the region you are traveling.

Inspiration:  Through education, positive reinforcement, and support, we will inspire you and guide you through every step of the tour towards a more rejuvenated, motivated and healthier you.

Weight reduction: The FIT Tour is designed to help you work towards your optimal weight through our intensive walking tour program, physical activity, nutritious meals & a positive state of mind. On our program, participants can easily lose unwanted pounds in a week!

Body toning, cleansing and natural detoxification:  Following our structured program of exercise and balanced nutrition, you will experience improved body-shape and increased energy levels as toxins are eliminated from your system.

Health education: Learn and live the meaning of health.  One week of exercise, healthy eating and stress reduction can change the course of your life—for the rest of your life. After one week, you will experience and feel the benefits of how good healthy living can be.

Rejuvenation: You’ll restore vitality and freshness, achieving results through exciting, challenging physical activity and peace of mind.  Follow our lead and we guarantee you will feel younger, lighter and healthier after one week.