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Life Before & After Fit

Life Before FIT: Pre-FIT Readiness Program

"So much more than just a week’s vacation!  Beginning a month before with a structured exercise program, is a really unique concept of getting participants ready, excited and motivated for the program’s physical challenges.  Participants begin the tour ready to go!”

                                                    Sheri G – Baltimore, MD

As part of the FIT Tour program, we offer participants our “Pre-FIT Readiness Program”.   This program consists of one of our health coaches contacting you by phone one month prior to your program to conduct a general evaluation and set up a fitness and nutrition plan geared to your needs in order to prepare and motivate you for your upcoming tour. If you are interested in starting this program earlier, please feel free to contact us at any time after sign-up and we will be more than happy to get you started.

Life After FIT: Post-Tour Health & Fitness Program

“You complete the tour feeling reenergized, stronger and motivated and, yes, a little lighter.  Life After Fit is such a great idea, that this feeling and the motivation to keep healthy and continue on this path does not have to end after the tour is over.  One can easily stay on track with the post month of nutritional analysis included in the tour package.”

                                        Carol M – Miami, FL

“Life after FIT” sets us apart from other health programs and resort spas. Health and longevity are a matter of persistence and endurance. We will continue to actively support you after the completion of your tour program with our post-tour month of Tele-training and nutritional analysis.