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Custom Group

Custom Groups & Program Development for Resorts & Health Professionals

Fitness Interest Travel Tours is perfect for private or customized groups made up of friends, business colleagues, or other special interest parties.  We are more than happy to put together special dates and arrangements that fit your needs. You can choose a scheduled date of departure or customize your own date. Group programs also may be modified to meet your needs for specific activities, number of participants, and even dietary concerns.

Special travel discounts are available for group travel (consisting of 10 or more participants). If you have a small group and are interested in increasing your numbers, we can open your tour to the general public by advertising the tour date as a regularly scheduled FIT date of departure.

Corporate Retreat Programs: We believe that a FIT Tour is well suited for corporate leadership retreat programs.  Long hours and stressful work environments have become the norm in today’s workplace, leading to unhealthy lifestyles and health complications affecting productivity and loss of revenue. A major component of FIT is stress reduction, education, and motivation on how to live a more healthy and productive life.  

Over 70 Worldwide Destinations:  As a division of Expeditions Travel Group Inc, we run tours to over 70 worldwide destinations.  We have intimate knowledge and experience in running our programs to every corner of the globe.  From African safaris, to the Canadian Rockies, to the cities of Rome, Paris or New York to cruises to any port of call, Fit Tours can develop your custom group program to virtually any worldwide travel destination.  Just call to speak with one of our representatives to go over your request and we will suggest the region, accommodation and program that best fits your request and conforms with the fundamentals of the FIT Tour program.

Hotel, Spa & Resort Owners:  Interested in having a FIT Tour at your hotel, spa or resort.  We might be the perfect fit for a unique program to offer your clientele, earning revenue from room nights, food & beverage, spa services, transportation and additional services required to run a FIT Tour program.  You have the option of using FIT Tours to brand your health and fitness program or co-market your program with FIT as one of our regular scheduled tour departures.  With FIT you can market your destination and departures to our sphere of influence on top of your marketing efforts.  All client questions, reservations and tour operations (including our “Life Before & After FIT” programs) may be run through our offices as an additional resource.  Many of our groups and clients are looking for additional destinations, your spa or resort may be just what they had in mind for their next FIT Tour program.

Custom Group FAQ’s

Q. Why choose a FIT Tour for my group

A.  FIT Tours is a unique travel and fitness experience.  Unlike a yoga type retreat or a spa holiday, FIT Tours combines travel to exciting and exotic worldwide destinations with fitness and health programming.  And not just a week of health, fitness and travel but we also add two months of pre and post fitness programming.

A. Putting together your own group vacation is quite an undertaking.  Developing the program, taking care of all the details, spending hours of time on the phone with clients and then operating the program can be quite stressful taking time away from your everyday business operations.  Having FIT run your program we take care of all details from tour development, implementation and operation.  All client organization including inquiries and reservations can be run through our offices leaving you free to recruit for your tour departure.  Marketing materials including brochures, flyers and web pages can be custom developed as an additional perk of having FIT run your tour program.

A. By choosing FIT Tours for your group, you choose a company with over 15 years in the travel and fitness industries.  As a division of Expeditions Travel Group Inc we are a fully bonded and insured travel company with a multi-million dollar errors and omission policy required by law.  Many health professional taking client on retreats do not possess the require coverage.  By running programs through FIT Tours you are covered under our policy offering a level of protection and peace of mind for you and your clients. 

Q. I am interested in putting together my own group what are my options?

A. 10 or more paying participants are the minimum needed for a custom group departure.  With you own group you may choose a departure date of your choice.

Q. I am promoting my own departure date but what if I do not recruit the minimum 10 participants needed?

A. Option 1:  You can open your departure to outside participants and we can help promote your date to our extensive database as part of our general public publicized departure dates.

A.  Option 2:  You can pair your date with other health professionals that you may recruit or those who have approached us with similar requests.

Q. What if my date does not fill and we cannot get the minimum need to run the program?

A. It takes time to build a departure and may not happen right away.  You may need to postpone a departure due to low registration, if so we can pick another future date to give more time to market and get the word out.  If a minimum number of participants have not been reach 30 days prior to your tour departure, your tour should be postponed.  For your clients protection we have set in place the following procedures:

All registration forms with deposits will be kept on file and not deposited by FIT until your tour has reached the minimum number of 10 paying participants needed for the program to operate. Once the tour minimum has been reached, you or a FIT representative will inform your clients that the tour will operate and with your permission we will run deposit at that time. At this time your clients will also have the option to decline reservations on your tour without penalty with a full deposit refund. Once your tour departure has been confirmed and your clients accept their place on your tour and deposit is made, they will be bound to the payment and cancellation terms and conditions stated in the registration application.

Q. I love the idea of FIT but may want to do it at another destination.

A.  Sure not a problem as long as the venue has access to the core components available to implement a FIT Tour program (yoga, walking / hiking touring, strength & core training, massage, etc…).  As experts in the travel industry we have knowledge and expertise in developing and implementing programs around the globe.

Example:  We were contacted by a Vancouver based health & fitness organization interested in developing a program that was closer to their clientele.  We identified venues in Whistler and Banff that where close and satisfied the core FIT Tour program requirements.

Q. I am a resort / hotel owner and I am interested in developing a FIT program at my location.  Is this something you do?

A.  Yes.  We have been approached by numerous organizations to develop a FIT week at their location for their clients.  We believe this is a unique product to offer your clients and a powerful way of bring in additional revenue through room nights, food & beverage, spa & fitness services, transportation and touring.  We will help set-up, implement and run the program.  All recruitment and registration may also be run through our offices including the option of having us market your destination and departures to our sphere of influence on top of your marketing efforts.  Many of our groups are looking for additional destinations, your spa or resort may be just what they had in mind for their next FIT Tour program.

Q.  I like the FIT Tour concept but want to change / gear some of the activities more towards what I teach and my program goals.

A.  Not a problem.  Programs can be custom developed for your group and we can modify any part of our program to suit your needs.

Q.  How exactly does your incentive program work for those putting together their own groups?

A.  Click on the “Incentive Program” link on the “Custom Group” page of the FIT website to get a full description of the program.  It is your decision if you want to add additional profit margin by increasing the amount of the tour cost.   Many leaders add additional programs / classes on tour or as part of the “Life Before Fit” and “Life After Fit” programs to increase the programs value and increased cost.

*The advantage of working with FIT is that our program motivates and encourages clients on the path to healthy living.  The tour program and the pre and post programs encourage clients to use local health services to stay on this path.  This in-turn increases revenue for local clubs, services and even hotel destinations associated with FIT including the positive image associated with being part of a unique and affective health program.