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The Program

“Travel, health & fitness combined into one vacation plus the motivation and tools to continue a healthy lifestyle, I love it!”

                   Andrew S – London, England

Imagine exploring the rainforests of Costa Rica or the ancient avenues of Rome and then returning home invigorated, stronger and healthier, already making positive lifestyle changes that lead to a longer and more fulfilled life. FIT Tours & Cruises has developed a unique and exciting program that offers you intensive guided walking tours of travel destinations with the addition of physical fitness programming, motivational health education and controlled nutrition in a group motivated atmosphere.

More than just a week at your destination, a FIT Tour begins one month before your tour departure with a personalized, motivational, structured fitness program designed to help you achieve maximum fitness results during your tour. The program then continues when you return home with a month of motivational nutritional and physical counseling from our health coaching staff and continued support from our extensive website.

People participate in our tours for many reasons, including weight reduction and body toning, physical and mental rejuvenation, optimizing physical performance and looking for the motivation for making changes in their lives to achieve health and longevity. Others are searching for a unique, active vacation in some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic destinations.  FIT Tours & Cruise offer you the opportunity to achieve your fitness, health and travel goals.

FIT is a Travel, Health and Wellness Program That Guarantees Results! 

Give us 2 Months & 1 Week - You will Travel, Lose Weight, Get Fit, Live Healthy & Live Long