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Q: Is FIT a travel company or a health organization?

A: We are both.  FIT is a division of KTreks Inc, a tour operator developing and running unique niche travel programs for thousands of participants since 1997. FIT combines the know-how of an experienced tour operator with our staff of health & fitness professionals to bring you a truly unique and effective health travel program.

Q: On a FIT program do we do a lot of sightseeing?

A:  Yes.  On a FIT program we do extensive touring of our destination.  Through our intensive guided walking programs, participants get a truly in-depth understanding of their travel destination.

Q: Is the FIT Tour a spa program?

A: Yes and no.  FIT programs may be based at spa type settings and may use spa amenities (such as massage) depending on destination; but no matter where we travel to or stay at your tour includes our structured health program.

Most spa resorts are a place to relax and rejuvenate and offer a choice of fitness activities, seminars, spa treatments and gourmet spa cuisine.  Participants at these resorts have a choice of being as active or as laid back as they want.  These programs are geared toward making you feel good.  At the end of the week, you are rejuvenated and relaxed, but are you healthy?  Has the visit motivated you to improve your lifestyle?  Once you return home, you become complacent and old habits resurface. The reality is that most people continue to live an unhealthy existence between their spa vacations.

But our program is different. We provide rejuvenation through a structured program of exercise, nutrition, education and relaxation, all at unique travel destinations. We will help motivate you to continue on this path to healthy living, with the goal of feeling functionally younger each year for the rest of your life.

Q: Are you a travel / adventure program?

A: Yes.  We combine adventure travel with health and fitness.  Our program is based on our intensive guided walking tours with components of adventure travel, such as hiking, canopy tours, horseback riding, kayaking  and white water rafting (depending on destination) as additional fun and effective forms of physical activity—all contributing to the final goal of rejuvenation, healthy body and a way to truly explore your travel destination.

Q: Are you a Boot Camp?

A:  No, not at all.  Boot camps physically break participants and then build them back up through excessive exercise.  The FIT program transitions its participants rather than shocking the system.  Our on-site program is developed to gradually increase the intensity level throughout the week as your body adapts and becomes accustomed to the various activities.  This system is safer and more productive, with better long-term results.  Our focus is on longevity and healthy living, not short-term results.

Q: Do you have the same amenities as a resort?

A: Amenities differ at each destination though we require all of the same type of facilities on each program.  This includes comfortable lodging that is truly unique to our destination,   wellness or spa centers with access to yoga halls / workout facilities / massage, maid service and restaurants that have the ability to follow our nutrition plan.

Q: Are televisions, phones and computers available at the resorts?

A:  This all depends on our destination but we ask that if these amenities are available, participants refrain for using them for the duration of the program.  An important part of the program’s rejuvenation, growth and learning process is to separate yourself from everyday life and its distractions (a major contribution to the stress and unhealthy lifestyle many of us lead).  To achieve this, we try to eliminate distractions, including television, computers and phones.  Cell phone service is usually available (depending on your provider), but cell phones will be allowed only during your scheduled down time and cannot be carried on you during the program.  This program is all about you!

Q: I am not in shape, but I need something to get me started on a lifestyle change.  Is this program for me?

A: Yes, this program is definitely for you.  A major component of the program is the education and motivation to make the necessary lifestyle changes to facilitate a healthier and longer life.  Since our program is active, it is important that you are prepared to participate to gain the most from the physical activity portion of the program.  For those who want and need it, we offer “Life Before FIT.” One month prior to your program, one of our health coaches will contact you by telephone to do a general evaluation and suggest a fitness and nutrition program geared to your needs to prepare you for your tour.  All participants will be required to have a medical release from their doctor stating that they are healthy and can safely participate in a physically active program such as FIT.

Q:  I have tried many different avenues to make the change to healthy living: diets, exercise programs, you name it.  The hardest part is making that change and sticking with it.  What can FIT do for me to help make the change?

A:  Making that change or transition is anything but easy, and it doesn’t happen right away.  Whatever stage you are in, FIT is there to help guide you along your path.  Our health coaches have been trained in “Change Facilitation & Resistance” and will help identify your areas of resistance and confront your blockers.  Our key is to focus on small steps.  We concentrate on the small wins to provide bursts of motivation.  Before you know it, they can easily turn into big wins. As you journey along this path, you start to see signs of improvement and success.  You begin to feel and look slimmer and a little more toned, your energy levels increase, you have a little more spring in your step, and you  begin  to experience the power of healthy living.  Before you realize it, you have completed the tour and reached the FIT goal of motivation and rejuvenation, mentally and physically, and you’ve had the opportunity to explore some of the world’s most sought-after travel destinations.

Q: I exercise a little, but this program looks intensive; is it for me? I am a little concerned about completing some of the physical activities.

A: This program is for anyone who is in good health and looking to continue or begin the path to healthy living.  Our programs are developed for individuals who have just decided to make the jump to a healthy lifestyle, in addition to the experienced athlete.   By the end of the program, you will be surprised by the amount of energy you have and the level of intensity you will be performing at.

Q: I consider myself a hard-core athlete; is this program for me?

A: With each activity, you choose the intensity level.  During our daily hikes, an appropriate pace will be set.  For those looking for a more intense workout, we have set aside a number of specialty weeks dedicated to high performance and endurance programs.

Q: I am a senior; is this program for me?

A: Everything depends on your current health and activity level.  For those seniors looking for a less intensive program, FIT has developed a program specifically for “Active Seniors.”  From activities to nutrition, the program’s content has been specifically developed with the idea that through exercise and proper nutrition, no matter the age, one can become functionally younger for the rest of one’s life.

Q: I have had some health problems in the past; can I still participate?

A: You and your doctor need to decide.  Before individuals can enter the program, they will be required to get a medical release from their doctor stating that they are in sufficient health to safely participate in a physically active program such as FIT.

Q: What kind of food is served; is it just salads?

A: Not at all.  We believe that traveling to unique destinations and experiencing the local cuisine is all part of the travel experience.  At FIT we understand that the food experience is one of the most important components of any travel program.    Food is also one of the most important components of healthy living.   At FIT we attempt to instill in our participants the idea that life is all about balance and one of the ways we teach this is through our food program.  Our goal is to have you experience and enjoy as much of the local cuisine as possible.  On a FIT Tour, as in daily life, a balanced healthy life is all possible by eating balanced meals and portion control.  Our menus have been developed by our nutritionists, with the goal of helping participants achieve the recommended daily intake and nutrition levels to keep you fueled for the program’s physical activities and to help with the programs’ goal of detoxification, toning and rejuvenation.

Q: Will I lose weight?

A:  Yes.  For participants looking to lose weight, you will have the opportunity to lose between 10 and 15 pounds by the end of the week.  For those already at their optimal weight, a modified food intake menu will be custom-developed to fit your needs.  But more important than weight loss is our primary goal of teaching and having our participants experience what it feels like to live well and to continue on the path of health and longevity after completing the program.

Q: Is the program just for individuals?

A: No.  Individuals, couples, and groups of friends and peers all come to make a healthy change and become rejuvenated.  Once the program begins, the group effort starts.  Your peers— all striving towards a similar goal— will be there to motivate you.  This type of group dynamic and team building leads to strong bonds and friendships that last beyond the program’s completion.

Q: How many people can take part in the program?

A: As a specialized program, we limit the group to approximately 10 to 50 people to give you the required support to get the most out of program.  This number allows for the personalized support and a healthy staff to client ratio.

Q: Is this program appropriate for a group retreat or corporate program?

A: Yes.  Group dynamics and team building are among the most important components of FIT, making it the perfect program for group retreats and corporate programs.  The program can also be modified for custom groups to meet your needs for specific activities, number of participants, and even dietary concerns.

We believe FIT Tours are well-suited for corporate retreats and leadership programs. Long hours and stressful work environments have become the norm in today’s workplace, leading to unhealthy lifestyles and health complications affecting productivity and loss of revenue. A major component of the FIT program is stress reduction, education, and motivation on how to live a more healthy and productive life.  FIT is also a unique corporate travel getaway ending with positive results leading to a more effective and healthier employee.

Q: What can I do to prepare for the program?

A: As part of the program, we offer participants “Life Before FIT.” This program consists of our health coaches contacting you by phone one month prior to your program. The coach will conduct a general evaluation and suggest a fitness and nutrition plan geared to your needs to prepare you for your tour. If you are interested in starting this program earlier, please feel free to contact us at anytime and we will be more than happy to get you started.

Q: What about after the program ends? I expect to return home feeling rejuvenated and inspired—but how do I keep myself motivated to continue on my path to health and longevity?

A: FIT is not just one week.  To help support you after the challenge, we have developed our extensive “Life After FIT” program to guide you on your continued path to health and longevity.  Our “Life after FIT” sets us apart from other health programs and resort spas. Health and longevity is a matter of persistence and endurance. We will continue to actively support you after the completion of your tour program with our post-tour month of nutritional & exercise analysis and via our extensive website.